Fashion Stylist Los Angeles


Fashion stylist Los Angeles


Fashion Stylist.

Costume & Wardrobe Designer in Los Angeles.



Collaborating with the artist to create a unique vision for their various projects.

Live Events

Life events are the time to make a statement, whether it be a pop of color or a daring new ensemble. Erika Paige will collaborate with the client to create a cohesive unique look for any event. 


Working with directors and clients, Erika Paige will create wardrobe solutions that visually communicate the client’s message. 

TV Shows

Working along side designers to help construct, execute and maintain the visual aesthetic of the program.


Why Erika?

ERIKA PAIGE began styling with Entertainment.

  • Unique because her experience has not been focused within one specific styling zone. No is not a word she recognizes, so when she got her start in the industry she hit the frown running and exposing herself to learning it all. 

  • Transition to assist Misha Rudolph for 2.5 years. Misha exposed Erika to the creative facets she learned how to work with dancers, athletes, celebrities. Each one has a different body and the clothes are specific create custom looks for a world tour.